IRCFox Network

    These are the rules for the IRCFox network. They are not the binding contract that you enter by connecting to the network, that is the Terms of Service which can be read ((here)). that is written in lawyer speak, so if you understand that well, feel free to read it, because that's what you're agreeing too. But for the folks who want a simple to use, read, and understand version, read on!

    If you connect to the IRCFox Network, you agree that you've read the ((TOS)) and agree to all terms in it. If you don't agree, don't connect. Sorry. Here's a picture of a sleepy fox to cheer you up. [insert fox picture here] Listen to the Operators and Admins. If they say something, follow their instructions. If you feel like an admin or op is abusing their power, please contact one of the other administrators and there WILL be a discussion about it. If you are found to have violated a section of the rules/TOS, you'll get penalized. Once that happens, it's in the past. you won't get punished for it again nor will it affect any further punishment. There are some exceptions and please read the TOS for more details. You are not allowed to:

  • Harass other users. Harassment is a pretty broad term. In this case it means using the network to purposefully annoy, threaten, aggravate, or just generally piss off another user/users.

  • Spam. This is a big one. Don't send messages more than once or twice, anything after that is flooding and will get you kicked from the channel. If you are flooding a lot, you may find yourself with a warning and even a ban if it persists. So don't flood! ? Use a proxy to connect. Since it can be used to evade bans, it's not allowed. If you are concerned about your host mask being visible, please contact an admin and they'll set up a vhost for you promptly.

  • Evading bans. If you're banned, a duration will be given and when that time is up, the ban will be lifted. You connect once per day for no longer than 60 seconds if you wish to check the status of a ban. Anything more would be considered ban evasion and further action will be taken.

  • Pornography. Dicks and boobs are great, we all know that, but posting pictures of anyone without their consent will result in a temporary ban at the discretion of the admins.

  • Child pornography. Posting of child pornography will result in an immediate ban. This ban may be lifted at the discretion of the admins. Exceptions can be made in the case of cub art, but they're rare and most likely won't happen.

  • Unfriendly bots. IRCFox welcomes friendly bots, but any bot whose soul purpose is to be annoying, spam, flood, advertise, or act as a bridge to another network isn't allowed.


Please review and accept our terms of service before using our service.


Available servers and connection methods.


Please read and acknowlege our rules and regulations.


Network OPs and Helpers.